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Product Description

Introducing the KEF X300A digital hi-fi speaker system, an active design conceived to partner a PC or Mac, desktop or laptop computer. Simply connect the speakers via a ‘distortion free’ USB all-digital link to provide high resolution 96kHz/24 bit quality digital input and inter-speaker connection to ensure high definition sound from source to output. Each speaker features twin class AB audiophile grade amplifiers inside, one for HF and one for LF/MF. Thanks to clever KEF technology, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy audiophile sound quality with KEF X300A.
Product Features
• Two-way bass reflex bookshelf loudspeaker

• Twin class AB audiophile grade amplifiers inside each speaker, one for HF and one for LF/MF

• Simple to connect ‘plug and play’ connections using an all-digital USB link
• Frequency response (+/- 3dB):
58Hz - 28kHz
• Amplifier power
LF: 50W, HF: 20W
• Digital input
USB 2.0: mini USB type B connector
• Resolution
Up to 24-bit
• Sampling rate
Up to 96kHz, depending on source resolution
For more specification information visit: www.kef.com