R400b - Personal KEF Retailer Service

R400b - Personal KEF Retailer Service

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Our Price: £1,000.00
Product Description
At just 31 inches square, the KEF R400b may be compact, yet it packs an incredible punch. With a reinforced and braced sealed cabinet, the R400b houses twin 9-inch LF drivers powered by twin 250W class-D amplifiers. The drivers are mounted back-to-back, to create 'force cancelling'. This means the opposing reactive forces are nullified, resulting in no cabinet agitation and a clean, fast, powerful bass performance – perfect for any serious home theatre system.

Personal KEF Retailer Service
For tailored installation and set-up advice, all KEF R Series purchases will be delivered by your nearest authorised retailer as part of the Personal KEF Retailer Service. Please click here to read more.
Product Features
• Powered Subwoofer (Sealed)
• Maximum Output:
• Frequency Range (-6dB):
26Hz - 140Hz
• Amplifier:
2 x 250W (500W) built-in Class-D amplifier
For more specification information visit: www.kef.com