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Our Price: £400.00
Product Description

The most elegant design solution to the perennial problem of where to place the all-important front speakers in a high-end home theatre installation, the motorised Ci3-80QT purrs down into position from the ceiling. With a 75mm (3in.) Uni-Q® array flanked by a pair of long-throw bass drivers of the same size, it combines Uni-Q's exceptionally wide dispersion characteristics with fluent and accurate response right across the frequency range.

Whispered or shouted, on-screen dialogue and vocals become transparently clear, subtly nuanced and as perfectly located as the speakers themselves.

Product Features
• Motorised flush mounted ceiling unit with 75mm Uni-Q array and two 75mm bass drivers
• Impedance:
• Frequency Response:
45Hz - 20kHz
• Amplifier Requirements:
10 - 125W
For more specification information visit: www.kef.com